• Training Format “CYBER-SAFETY for Schools”

The aim of this project result is providing teachers and educator with the right skills and tools to prevent and tackle cyber bullyism.

This training format identifies the best NFE tools to deal with cyber-bullying, and it focuses on three main topics considered crucial in elaborating a strategy in the fight to the phenomenon. This are:

 – how to recognize it;

 vocabulary and tools to understand the boundaries and frames of digital interaction, how to identify

what is cyber bullyism and what is not.

– how to defend yourself;

 what is an effective strategy of defense against cyber bullyism, how not to fall in the trap of cyber bullyism, tools for recognizing the online bullies and avoiding them.

 – how to call for help;

 which are the right persons, institutions, places to reach out in case of being victims of cyber bullyism.

  • Set of cartoons “CYBER-SAFETY in Schools”

Partners will develop a series of short cartoons (3 to 5 mins) on the topics of Cyberbullying, how to spot it, how to face it and how to handle it and report it. The cartoon will be based on scenes of everyday life as close as possible to the reality of the target audience in order to make it more engaging. Animation constitutes a powerful pedagogical tool by combining audio messages with tailored visual cues and graphics, to serve the dual functions of explaining complex concepts and engaging student interest in the learning process. The stories described will have a final moral that will aim to raise awareness of bullying.


The App will have the main function of collecting general information around the issue of cyber bullyism, and at the same time work as a space for supporting children victims of the phenomenon. The application will in fact offer the possibility of chatting with a youth operator specialized in offering support to victims of cyber bullyism.

Mainly this output will be loaded with material on how to recognise cyberbullying and will have the possibility, via a special chat and a free phone number, to put victims and person concerned in contact with a specialist.